a powerful connection with needed support

reaching out to heal what ails you

‘There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man’

-Winston Churchill.

about Berkshire equine assisted therapy (Beat-UK)...

At Berkshire Equine Assisted Therapy (BEAT-UK) horses and clients work together to figure out what is required at that moment in time. Unlike humans, horses live in the here and now and respond as such; they do not harbor resentment but acceptance; they do not judge nor do they criticize. If traditional talk therapy has not worked for you then think outside the box and take a look at what we offer here at BEAT-UK. For the majority, one session a week for 8 weeks is the norm but we also offer intensive days or half days if time is of the essence. We are popular with local schools and corporate companies assisting in enhancing teamwork and leadership qualities. If you have not been near a horse or are afraid, we can help you with that. No riding or horse experience is necessary.