An introductory 20 minute session is offered free of charge to establish whether we will be able to work together.  During this initial meeting terms and conditions, along with prices and informed consent will be discussed; as will your goals for treatment.


  1. Apart from those highlighted below sessions are:
    1. 50 minutes for Online or In person Monday through to Friday
    2. 60 or 90 minutes for Equine Facilitated Therapy/Learning and Clinical Supervision
    3. Groups, Workshops, School and Corporate are determined during the discussion of goals, along with cost.
  2. Concessions are made for students or those on low income but proof is required.
  3. Family is to mean a family of up to 5 people.
  4. A group is between 5 and 10 people.


This can be done face-to-face in The Snug located in the village of Binfield, Berkshire, or online by the use of Skype.  Though please be advised that Skype may not be a secure medium.  Research is being undertaken to identify an encrypted video chat for online therapy and so the site will be updated in due course.

  • Initial consultation & Assessment (90 minutes)       £65
  • Counselling in room/online           9am-4:30pm       £55
  • Counselling in room/online           5pm-9pm            £65
  • Counselling on Saturdays               9am-4pm            £65
  • Walk and Talk                                  9am-4pm            £55
  • Supervision (55 or 85 minutes)                                    £55/75   (Online or in Room)

    Off site counselling/Psychotherapy, within a 5 mile radius, is offered for those who are unable to get to The Snug.  An £15 charge is added to the session for mileage and time.


      This is offered Monday through Saturday, dependent on Seasonal Daylight hours from 9am.

      • Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy                              £100/140 (with Jo-Anne)   £120/180 (With 2 practitioners)
      • Equine Facilitated Learning                                        £90/120 (with Jo-Anne)   £120/180 (With 2 practitioners)
      • Equine facilitated Psychotherapy (2.5 hrs)                 £275 (Recommended for families) - With 2 practitioners


      This can be done face-to-face in The Snug located in the village of Binfield, Berkshire, or with the herd but is only offered during the hours of 9am-4pm Monday to Friday and occasional Saturdays.

      • Hug and Groom (1.5 hrs)                                              £50
      • Mindfulness or Reflective session (30 minutes)       £35 (In room)
      • Mindfulness or Reflective session (30 minutes)       £50 (With the herd)


      The forms used by BEAT-UK Ltd collate basic information, though if you would like to go ahead and book a session, further information is required along with signing of the informed consent. The informed consent gives information of confidentiality, fees, payment, cancellation policy, code of conduct and ethics, and where if necessary release of information is required by law.


      Berkshire Equine Assisted Therapy (BEAT-UK) Ltd offer a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment. We respect your confidentiality and only release information about you in accordance to the relevant country rules where practiced.  That is the United Kingdom, United States of America in the state of Illinois, Spain and Singapore. Further Berkshire Equine Assisted Therapy (BEAT-UK) Ltd and all employees have a legal, moral obligation and responsibility to clients and staff to protect against the unauthorised release of confidential information including: client records, employee records, clinical data, and/or organisational information regarding physical conditions, financial status, or personal data to unauthorised persons or organisations.


      Payment is made at the time of booking regardless of whether it is for OnlineFace-to-face, Supervision or Equine Facilitated Therapy. This can be done through SagePay, Barclays Pingit or Paym using the mobile number shown on the contact page.

      Please make sure you use the appropriate invoice number generated on booking so that we may put the amount to the appropriate individual/individuals.